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  • Keaton Jones The Mother Says Confederate Photos

    Keaton Jones’ mother responds to racism allegations, says photos were meant to be ‘ironic’ Kimberly Jones told CBS that pictures of the Confederate flag on social media were intended to be “ironic” and “funny,” not racist..

  • How Keaton Jones Bullying Plea Brought Him More

    On Friday, an year old Knoxville, Tennessee, boy woefully recounted to his mother his experience with middle school bullies. His mother posted the teary plea online and citizens across the internet responded en masse to say Keaton Jones.

  • Keaton Jones Celebrities Stand With Bullied East

    The Union County middle school student sparked a national conversation about bullying when a video of him went viral over the weekend..

  • Chris Evans Invites Bullied Keaton Jones To Avengers

    UPDATE, Monday The Facebook page of Kimberly Jones has been closed to views following the surfacing of previous tweets. For details, go here. Previous, Sunday Seems half of Hollywood is reaching out to Keaton Jones meaning the other half just hasn’t yet seen the bullied Tennessee boy’s heartbre .

  • Keaton Jones Feels The Love From Chris Evans Gal Gadot

    Keaton Jones, the Tennessee boy whose tearful reaction to bullying was captured on video by his mom, is getting waves of celebrity support after the clips went viral under the hashtag StandWithKeaton..

  • A Kid Questioned His Bullies And Got Support Mashable

    Keaton Jones recorded an emotional video asking his bullies why they bother him, and the internet responded with widespread support..

  • Keaton Jones Video Gone After Moms Confederate Flag

    The feel good story of celebrity support for bullied year old Keaton Jones took some unfortunate if familiar turns today, with the surfacing of old social media posts suggesting racism in his mom’s recent past..

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